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Big Rock Music are North Wales  dealers of unique handmade Temple drums

Available in most scales and in a wide variety of finishes, 100% hand made in UK.

Temple Drums are steel tongue drums, playable by hand or with beaters/mallets.

Tunable between 432hz and 440hz. Choose from 8 or 9 tongue drums. Prices start from under £200. 

Comissions undertaken. Personalisation also available.  Worldwide delivery.

Purple Temple Drum 


 Visit our shop to try out some of these amazing Temple Drums for yourself or call us to buy over the phone.  

Tongue drums  Available to buy by phone.





Our guitar stock includes both new and pre-owned instruments and are also able to source you a guitar to suit your particular budget and musical requirements. Whether you play acoustic or electric, feel free to call in or contact us for details of our latest stock. 

Please use our Contact Us page to request a quote, enquire about your trade-in or to obtain a copy of our current sales list.

Electric guitars bought and sold throughout North Wales and the North West.  Guitar repairs and guitar set-up undertaken throughout North Wales and the North West. Guitar maintainance, tuning and resptoration a speciality. 

Please be advised that we will require a recent ID with address whenever we buy in instruments.